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QAUMICA promises you the most exciting and fulfilling membership experience. Whether you are a student, an employee or a senior citizen yearning to have a relaxing retired life, let QAUMICA provide you with an astounding experience all through. Our exclusive membership offerings under QAUMICACard include:

          1.    Qaumica Student

         3.    Qaumica One:

This card is for individuals, enabling them to get most of the benefits directly and life or accidental coverage in case of death or disability, along with discounts other benefits.


The benefit paid under this scheme is PKR 500,000 (Rupees Five Hundred Thousand only) in case of Accidental Death or Permanent total disability (PTD) due to the accident of the Life Covered per customer.

Life Covered:

The individual who opts for this service pays the contribution and is within the eligibility age range.

Eligibility Age:

Age limit of 18 to 60 years is eligible to be covered under the scheme. The coverage shall be provided up to the 61st birthday of each member.


Coverage will not be granted if the death occurs due to the following reasons: 

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