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QAUMICA – Assurance to Future Nation by Investing in Education for Better Pakistan! In 2017, QAUMICAPvt Ltd. was established with the idea of assuring the future of students of Pakistan by offering various opportunities to progress in their education. The word QAUMICA is derived from two words ''Qaumi'' & ''Card''. QAUMICA's soft launch was carried out in Bahawalpur and in January 2018, QAUMICA officially started operating in 3 major cities- Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad and later expanded its services to 7 more cities, now serving hundreds of happy customers and organizations.

    1. Provision of Smartcard
    2. Education continuation Coverage for minors or Accidental Life insurance
    3. Discount nation-wide on various brands and outlets (Food, shopping, beauty, travel etc.)
    4. QAUMICATaleem” (You/your kids qualify for school/university fees paid by QAUMICA*)
    5. Monthly Free vouchers (Travel tickets, food, hotels, books, shopping etc.)
    6. Invitation to QAUMICAdays (3 days stay at PC Bhurban (28-30 June))
    7. Student Laptops*
    8. Umrah Packages for card holders*
    9. Holiday Package*
    10. Overseas education scholarships*

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